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This is where we'll whack all the sorts of extra stuff we may come up with. Pictures, text, wallpapers, whatever.
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Page 4: Constable Nigel's Monologue I've seen some 'orrible things on the job in my time Guv'ner, but I don't mind telling you this gives me the heeby-jeebies this does. Fair makes my moustache twitch to think of all that blood 'cross there. Reminds me of what me old dad used to say to me, 'Nigel,' he would say, in that voice of his, 'If ever you see someone stabb-ed and a bleedin' on the street, you call up the ol' bill right away.' O' course, now I is the ol' bill, so that piece of advice isn't p'raps as applicable as it was when I were a youngster. But listen to me goin' on here, my apologies Guv'ner. best let you get to your work then, and I'll get back to gaurdin this here corpse.
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Illustrated by Luke Mathers

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