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Detective George Fredericks
George Fredericks
Detective George Fredericks - 'Fred' - is a young Detective with the Homocide Squad, working nights. We meet him as he arrives at the scene of his first case since gaining the rank of Detective, with subsequent events showing him to be a little squeamish around large volumes of blood.
This beautiful, mysterious young woman claims to represent V.M. Security, a division of the international conglomerate V.M. Corp. Despite being a private citizen, she is apparently able to influence policy and orders within the Police Force... and she's wicked strong. Hana
Fred met this guy in a bar. He apparently works for Hana and has had some personal issues recently... but that doesn't seem to stop him from hitting, and hitting on, anything that... anything.
The Forensics Investigator working the case is known only as Leo. He knows what's what, and acts as something of a mentor for Fred. Leo

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