because a half page is better than no page at all


So yeah, here's Page 15(i). For a variety of reasons Luke's been busy with uni, life, illness etc [though being BioShocked is not an illness], so we don't quite have all of what is scripted as 'Page 15'. And with a hearty 'get well soon' to Luke, here is the first half-ish.





Page fourteen. rejoice, all ye readerly types.



Things to mention


Page 14 should be up in the next few days. We will also be adding 'link to us' images in the near future.
Our comic genesis pog is in the pool now so hopefully that will score us some more viewers. If you've read and enjoyed please don't hesitate to swing us a quick message of encouragement in the shoutbox, it would be greatly appreciated.

enjoy ;)


Interlude One


Page thirteen, and the return of an old villain. Well, not old, because of only thirteen pages. But with the amount of actual time it's taken us to get here, it seems like a long time since page one. Slowly, but surely, the story progresses - and I can promise more surprises to come...





Page twelve is finally here. My Internet has been just screwy since monday, and I haven't been able to get near it to upload the page - though it has been ready all week.
Really very annoyed. But twelve is here, now, so it's all OK. Mostly.



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