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Hey. So Robert signed us up to google analytics, which lets us see which countries people are viewing La Vie De La Mort from, how many etc, which is quite encouraging to see visitors from so many different places, so thanks for viewing.
In 4 weeks time both Robert and I will be going to South America for a 2 month holiday, during this time I obviously won't be able to continue my sluggish illustration for the comic. I have however created a delightful filler. ;)
I'll do atleast one more page between now and when we leave (maybe 2) but for the past couple of weeks and for the next couple i have heavy assessment at uni and havent been able to afford the usual 7-15 hours for a page, hence why it's not been updated since pg16. So that's what's happening! 17 and possibly 18 are coming before the break, never fear!




Page 16.

Our 'weekly update schedule' is essentially a lie, isn't it.


...Though this is page 16, it may appear to be incorrectly labelled as page 15(iii). This is not my error. I repeat, not my error. How could I make such a foolish error? Nonetheless, I will endeavour to correct this random error, in the fullness of time.



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