Our Triumphal Return


We are, now, back. A return marred by the ominous collapse of the comicgenesis servers at the *exact moment* I was attempting to upload the newest page. An ill omen, but not entirely unexpected. We are looking into new hosting.
We return from our extended hiatus rested and invigorated for the comic-producing year ahead. We enjoyed our time in South America hugely - though it is something of a relief to be corresponding from different states again. Travelling as a trio has many advantages, but maintained sanity is not among them.
So here is our first page back, and incidentally the first page of the new year. I hope it pleases. With any luck we will have an additional page by next week. Though we seem to fail utterly at keeping to a weekly schedule, our mutual New Year's Resolution is to try harder to achieve this end.
We thank all our old readers for returning and heartily welcome the new!
P.S. There seems to be some issue with the shoutbox. If anyone is actually attempting to post there and failing, try commenting on this newsthread instead. At least then I'll know if we have to find a new shoutbox provider.

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We're back. Expect an update very soon.

yes really.


In Argentina


Hi! We have one night left in south america before returning home. While away I´ve developed an urge to be producing pages along with alot of pencil work on characters etc to implement and use when we return to produce pages faster... so yes, things will brighten up as far as updates go when we get back very shortly, stay tuned!


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