Official Hiatus


umm... yeah. Sorry. For a comic that updates infrequently at the best of times, we have reached new heights of late updates. And it's just going to get worse. Both Luke and I are currently in South America - not just some crazy coincidence, we are in fact travelling together. We plan on having an awesome time and further ignoring the comic until we return in late January.
So I guess this is the end of 2007 for la Vie de la Mort. It's been a really fascinating experience to learn the ropes of webcomicking. I personally feel that the comic has come a huge way throughout the year, despite producing only 16 pages.
We look forward to continuing our story, and hope you'll come back for more in 2008!

P.S. We had a really awesome filler image to display during our absence. Unfortunatly, we forgot to upload it before we left. So... yeah. We'll get it to you sometime.

P.P.S We are blogging our travels. check out if you're interested!



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