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helloooo. yes, the next submission will be a full page. apologies for the craziness of 15, but with the month of solid assessment and desire to submit one of the panels as a single, it got somewhat convoluted :P.

if you visit us every now and then, keep doing so :P i haven't entirely killed the production line just yet. thanks a bunch for looking.

big love



The epic struggle to complete page 15 has come to its conclusion. Presented now, for the very first time, is Page 15: Episode III. We decided, the reduce the already high levels of confusion, to post it alone. Nonetheless, at some stage I daresay some archive-tinkering will occur, and Page 15 will be able to live as a unified whole.
Thankyou for your patience. Next time we update we will present an actual complete page (Gasp!).



almost... there...


Page 15, part 2: What you post when don't have everything you want to post.
It had been my intention to post this along with the 4th (and final) panel of page 15, but while this has been finished for some time, Panel 4 is still in the works. So here is panel 3, which really is capable of standing on its own (Luke tells me something in the order of 86 photoshop layers went into it). A Full-scale image, not reduced for the comic, is viewable on Luke's DeviantArt site (see our Links section).



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