Now presenting: page 29.
We are in the midst of attempting a car chase in comic form. The comic, as a means of presenting a car chase, is a slightly less... visceral medium than, say, film. We've done our best, and I think we've done pretty well (just don't go comparing us to Speed Racer or the Blues Brothers or anything). It's not over yet, folks!

I was just snooping through some of our records when I found this: what I believe to be the first 3rd party review of the comic. It's not much, but it delivers!
Check out what she has to say on some other topics while you're there, very interesting stuff.

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I've just finished my assessment week at uni and thus, have been devoting my time to assignments over the last 10 days.
Page 29 is due today, but chances of me getting it all done today are slim. We'll see, but it's likely to update tomorrow instead.

Sorry and stuff


Approaching acht und swanzig!


Hi! I haven't posted on the news or the shoutbox in some time. so here i am.
Comic is, in theory, updating tomorrow with page 28!

Uni is pretty heavy at the moment, we're in our last couple of weeks all the whosits are due in quite soon, most of which requiring quite alot of work. I doubt this will harm our updating scheduale. But then comes holidays! There's about a thousand things i want to do over the month of free time, updating this website's appearance with robert's help is one thing, aswell as maybe doing up some fanarts and trying to network with the online comics community a little more.

Also, new month means a refreshed need for Topwebcomics votes. You can find the button just under the shoutbox, and you get a nifty full colour desktop image for your troubles!


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