Checking In


Hey all.
It's been a while since I left you guys anything, and I thought I'd explain why.
Mostly it's because I've just moved interstate from Sydney, New South Wales to Brisbane, Queensland (this is Australia we're talking about for our international chums). Though I've been up here a few weeks now my ISP of choice is taking longer - *much* longer - than anticipated to get it's act together and my connection connected. Additionally, my computer is still kaput, and though my flatmates rig is perfectly serviceable... it's not mine. So my writing is slowing down with unfamiliarity and the odd sensation of cheating on my old, sickly laptop.
So, despite a good run of a couple of weeks of regular updates, we're back to old habits.
So subscribe to our RSS (or whatever subscription service takes your fancy, look under the chatbox for options) and that way you will get the new page delivered right to you, hot from the ethereal presses.
Hang in there!


Nuuz II

Hi. So at this point we're stalled a bit. Although i am able to complete the illustrations for page 21 with the information i have, i won't be able to add dialogue without the script that Robert can't get to me for lack of internet.
All i've really been able to do for the illustrative work is scrawling out the roughs in my book during class, as university is pretty damn demanding on spare time this semester.
Never fear though, we'll be back up and running soon.




Hi! So... since updating to page 20 i've started back at work and university. Robert's internet access is still non existent so i only really have a basic summary of page 21 rather than a script. It's cool though, i'm working with that but between difficulties of communication and total annihilation of my spare time 21 will be late. Monday is probably the earliest we can expect it, but you're used to this kind of thing now.. right?

On the upside, my most major subject at university this semester is Preproduction, which is practically Concept art 101 it seems, i'll undoubtedly be able to tie in comic work with uni work there and help to speed things up. So stay tuned, 21 is coming soon enough.


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