So page nine got done eventually, took a while given that i can draw decently but it takes longer than id like :P am going to try to up the standard consistently on this comic.

but yes, i go away for a week in a couple of days so page 10 is unfortunately a while off yet. :S


Page 9


Page Nine has finally arrived. Hooray for newness!
In celebration we have added another Avatar/Display Pic to our 'Extras' section. Enjoy!

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We've just added two Avatar/Display pics to our 'Extras' section, available to download. And by download, I mean save the image as it appears.
...I'm still kinda new at this web-design stuff.



We're Back


Finally, after not quite a month, we have a new page. I would just like to apologise again for the delay. We hate jerking our readers around (yes, both of you) and we'll try to be more regular in future.
Hope you enjoy the new page!





As some of you may have noticed, ComicGenesis, who so generously provide us and many other webcomics with free hosting, has been having some problems lately. They appear to be resolved for now, at least temporarily.

Additionally, I've updated the 'About' section with a new FAQ. It's not quite a new page, but it must count for something... if you have any questions you think should be added, let us know.

We should have a new page (or even 2!) up in the next few days. Almost... there...



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