Hey, the lateness of page 36's post is resonating a bit in the production line and unfortunately page 37 (due today) is going to be pushed back a bit too. I'm not entirely sure for how long but it should be a tomorrow or monday post.

Things will get back on track soon enough. Uni just has very little give this semester. Thanks for your presumed patience.


Episode Two, Page One: Page 36


So here it is: Episode Two. Only a few days late, for which we apologies.
Not much to say at this point except: stay tuned.




Privyet! The next page will regrettably be delayed. Since receiving the scripts about two weeks ago this afternoon has been the first space of time not consumed by fast banking-up uni work I've had. It'll update either tomorrow or Saturday I imagine (Friday is deathcab!!) . Sorry, big love.


Episode 2


Episode 2 begins now!
Well mostly. It has a cover/title page at any rate.

PS the button above says it's page 33. this is a brazen faced lie. The current page is number 35. We're attempting to reassert the truth but the lies are stronger.
Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Truth wins!


Previously, on 'la Vie de la Mort'...


This page is a lead-in for Episode Two. In five days we'll post a title page, and five days after that Episode Two will begin in earnest.


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