Aloha. Around this time last year comic updates began to flop a lot, that was due to large study and workloads that didn't leave us with enough time to update reasonably.
Things are admittedly going to be very similar this year, without the flop part hopefully. Both Robert and I are determined not to let updates slip as horribly as they have in the past but the reality is that we simply don't have enough time to seriously commit to posting dates around September, October, November.
So while we aren't going on official hiatus, we are officially straying away from the schedule and will be updating sporadically and when we can for the next little while. Big thanks to those of you that follow the comic and big apologies for the rarity of updates, but they are coming.

Page 38 is in the works and will be posted ASAP.


late again


So yeah. We're going to be late again.

It's my fault, this time (mostly): I've fallen behind with the scripts. There are reasons, but you don't care about them, and they don't qualify as valid excuses. If all goes according to plan, the delay won't be long.

Please direct all hate mail to the McCain/Palin campaign.




Fresh page!



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